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Because Impact Is A Factor...
The AHA Journals Include Altmetric

Increasingly, researchers are reading articles online and using social media to communicate with their colleagues and share information. They can mention and review a journal article in a tweet or blog post. They can also save an article in their Mendeley account.

In a time when researchers are being asked to show the impact that their papers are having beyond citations, these new forms of sharing can offer insight into the more immediate scholarly impact of a specific article—as opposed to traditional metrics, like Impact Factor, that report at an aggregated journal level.

That's why the AHA Journals offer Altmetric data.

Altmetric brings all of the attention that a particular article receives (from tweets and blog posts to newspaper coverage and beyond) together to provide a dynamic measurement of how research is being shared and discussed socially. Visit for more information.

In addition, usage statistics are integrated to show how many times articles have been downloaded.


How to Find Altmetric Scores for AHA Journal Articles

Access any AHA journal via and click on an article that you wish to read.

To view the Altmetric article-level usage for your selected article, look to the right "Details" menu alongside every AHA Journal article and the "Article Information - Metrics" below.