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Author Instructions

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology is the official journal of the American Heart Association’s Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology and welcomes manuscripts describing basic, translational, clinical, and population research in the areas of Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.

How to Contact the Journal

Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc
Editor-in-Chief, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology

Email: [email protected]
Manuscript submission:

Editorial Process

Submitted manuscripts are examined by the editorial staff and editors, and a decision is made whether to refer the manuscript for external peer review. In order to provide a rapid response to authors, manuscripts that are not likely to receive a priority sufficient for publication will not be referred for external peer review and will be returned after initial screening. Manuscripts sent for review that receive an initial favorable response will undergo independent statistical review, when appropriate. The editors will not discuss a decision about a manuscript over the phone. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the editorial office.

Presubmission Inquiries

It is the policy of the editors to not respond to pre-submission inquiries for original research articles. The Authors should submit their manuscripts for formal peer review after following all of the guidelines listed in these Instructions to Authors.


A team of editors provides input into the decision letter.  Decisions will be communicated to all authors via e-mail.  The mean times of providing decisions are posted on the About ATVB page.

The editors of ATVB will only respond to authors through the editorial office.  All correspondence related to any aspect of the editorial process should be sent to [email protected].  All author correspondence will be reviewed in a timely manner by the editorial team.

How to Submit to an AHA Journal

Manuscripts must be submitted online. Before proceeding to online submission, please prepare your manuscript according to the instructions below. The instructions below are meant to be a submission process guide.

We will consider initial Original Research Article submissions that are not formatted according to journal standards. However, the initial Original Research Article submission must include a complete list of authors in the online submission portal and include all submission files necessary for review. Submissions to other article categories should meet the specified number of words, references, and figures/tables of that category upon initial submission.

Manuscripts that are revised or ultimately accepted will be required to be formatted by the authors according to specific journal requirements (ie, title page, abstract, references, tables and figures, and disclosures). At that stage, please refer to the journal's Revised & Accepted Manuscripts instructions.

Prior to submission, please gather the following items:

  • A single PDF including all elements including text, figures, and tables
  • Alternately, individual Manuscript files can be provided:
    1. Manuscript text file.
    2. Tables: May be either embedded within the manuscript (preferred) or submitted as separate files. Tables should be provided as editable text, not as images.
    3. Figures: May be either embedded within the manuscript (preferred) or submitted separately. Please note that only PDF, EPS, and TIFF files will be allowed for publication, but any sufficiently clear image format is acceptable for initial submission.
    4. Supplemental Files
  • All author information, including:
    • Full names
    • Affiliations
    • E-mail addresses

Submission Process

There are four steps in the manuscript submission process: Upload Files, Manuscript Info, Review Material, and Submit. The steps and sub-steps can be navigated via the menu on the left side of the page. All information will be saved automatically as you progress. During submission, you may return to any step or sub-step at any time. A general outline of the steps follows although individual journals may request additional info.

  1. Upload Files
    • Use the “Browse” button to locate the files or drag and drop the files into the upload interface. The manuscript, figures, and table files will be merged into a combined PDF.
    • For each file, use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate file type.
    • Some file types, eg, Figures and Supplemental Material, require a brief description of the file’s content.
    • If necessary, use the “Move” button to drag and drop the files into the correct order.
  1. Manuscript Info
    •  Authors:
      • Please enter the first and last name of each author and click the “Find User” button next to the name. Alternately, enter the author’s email address and click “Find User By Email”. This will allow you to find the author’s account in the online system.
      • For any authors not already in the online system, please enter all fields marked with an asterisk (*)
      • Be sure to order authors as they are listed on the title page.
    • Title and Abstract
    • Preprint Server: Indicate if a version of the manuscript has been posted to a community preprint server. 
    • Short In Vivo Checklist (Preclinical Animal Testing): If the manuscript includes research on animals, you will be asked to complete a short checklist.
    • Author Reviewer Suggestions/Exclusions: If desired, you may suggest individuals to be invited as reviewers, or suggest individuals who you would prefer to exclude from the review process. Please note, that the editors will make the ultimate decision regarding review.
    • Clinical Trial Registration: All clinical trials should have been registered prior to patient enrollment. If your manuscript is considered a clinical trial per the ICMJE definition but has not been registered, it will not be considered for publication in the journal. You will be asked to provide the URL and identification number for the trial registration.
  1. Review Materials
    • Review Manuscript Files: Please open each file to confirm that the file has correctly converted to PDF.
    • Review Manuscript Data: Please review and approve the manuscript information entered during the submission process.
  1. Submit: Click “Approve Submission” to finalize.