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An award for the best cover of the year previous will be given at the ATVB Annual Conference held in the Spring.


The covers are available at both Facebook and Twitter (@atvbahajournals) as well as below.

  • The Editors of ATVB will vote for their top choice
  • The Editorial Board of ATVB will vote for their top choice
  • Social Media users will vote for their top choice

Editors of ATVB will compile the results of these three ways of voting in January of each year.

The corresponding author (or author traveling to the conference) for each manuscript image featured on the ATVB cover will be provided with up to $1,000 towards attending the annual ATVB conference in which their cover is eligible for the award.

The Editor-in-Chief will announce the winning cover during the ATVB plenary session and present the authors a framed print of the cover to the corresponding and first author.

Each corresponding and first author of the cover image article will also receive waived page charges (up to 7 pages) for their next accepted article in ATVB. Please note that in the case of dual first authors, each first author will receive three pages waived. This waiver will expire at the end of the current Editorship.

The 2021 Selections are listed below as they publish.

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Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology