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  • 18F-Sodium Fluoride Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography in Ex Vivo Human Coronary Arteries With Histological Correlation

  • 18F-Sodium Fluoride (18F-NaF) for Imaging Microcalcification Activity in the Cardiovascular System

  • Abstract 12093: Role of Active Valvular Calcification and Inflammation in Patients with Aortic Stenosis

  • Abstract 14454: Remote Atherosclerotic Inflammation following Acute Myocardial Infarction

  • Abstract 14719: Left Ventricular Hypertrophy With Strain is Associated With Increased Myocardial Injury and Fibrosis in Patients With Aortic Stenosis

  • Abstract 17385: [18]F-NaF - A Specific Marker for Vascular Calcification in Atherosclerosis

  • Abstract 9803: Optimization and Comparison of Myocardial T1 Techniques at 3T in Patients With Aortic Stenosis

  • Abstract 15323: Comparison of in vitro [18]F-NaF Binding to Recovered Human Carotid Plaques After [18]F-NaF in vivo Clinical Imaging

  • Abstract 17328: Ultrasmall Supraparamagnetic Particles of Iron Oxide-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Assessment of Cellular Inflammation after Myocardial Infarction

  • Abstract 20055: The αvβ3 Integrin Positron Emission Tomography Radiotracer 18F-Fluciclatide is a Marker of Remodeling Following Myocardial Infarction

  • Abstract 16189: 99mTc-duramycin Imaging Detects Cancer Therapy Related Cardiac Dysfunction Before a Decrease in Lvef

  • Abstract 16199: Optimization of Reconstruction and Quantification for Motion-Corrected Coronary 18F-NaF PET

  • Abstract 16414: Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography and the Assessment of Aortic Stenosis

  • Abstract 16693: Standalone Quantitative 18F-NaF Coronary PET Fused With Prior Deep-Inspiration Coronary CT Angiography for Improved Patient Workflow

  • Left Ventricular Wall Thickness and the Presence of Asymmetric Hypertrophy in Healthy Young Army Recruits: Data From the LARGE Heart Study

  • 18F-Sodium Fluoride Uptake Is a Marker of Active Calcification and Disease Progression in Patients With Aortic Stenosis

  • 18F-Fluoride and 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography After Transient Ischemic Attack or Minor Ischemic Stroke: Case–Control Study