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  • Abstract 14712: Network-Based Analysis to Risk Stratify Patients With Cancer Therapy-Related Cardiac Dysfunction

  • Abstract 16781: Ventriculo-Arterial Coupling is Associated With Death and Need for Ventricular Assist Device or Heart Transplant in Patients With Transthyretin Cardiac Amyloidosis

  • Abstract 17352: Seasonal Trends of Acute Idiopathic Pericardial Effusion Requiring Pericardial Drainage

  • Abstract 17413: Determination of Etiology of Left Ventricular Ejection Fracture Decline in Chemotherapy Related Cardiac Dysfunction

  • Abstract 10259: Better Prediction of Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation with Incorporation of Malignancy in Cha2ds2vasc Score: Mcha2ds2vasc Score

  • Association Between Atrial Uptake on Cardiac Scintigraphy With Technetium-99m-Pyrophosphate Labeled Bone-Seeking Tracers and Atrial Fibrillation

  • Machine Learning–Based Risk Assessment for Cancer Therapy–Related Cardiac Dysfunction in 4300 Longitudinal Oncology Patients