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AHA Journals Null Hypothesis Collection

Publishing research with negative results—that is, null or inconclusive findings—is a critical but often overlooked task of biomedical journals. Without it, the scientific literature relies on highly selected pieces of evidence that viewed in isolation can distort a field. Together we can address publication bias by encouraging the write-up and publication of all well-performed studies. Doing so not only improves research culture and enhances research efficiency but reduces the risk of avoidable harm to patients by ensuring that clinical practice is informed by a more complete and balanced record.

As part of an ongoing effort to promote research transparency, the AHA Journals and Wolters Kluwer have entered into an agreement with the Center for Biomedical Research Transparency (CBMRT) to create an online Null Hypothesis Collection highlighting important and impactful articles from across the portfolio that report on negative, inconclusive, or confirmatory research. CBMRT has agreed to provide financial support to make select articles freely available online and will help promote the initiative through their channels. We hope the Null Hypothesis Collection will be an important vehicle for promoting more balance in our publications.

For more on this initiative, see the introductory article, "True Negatives: Disseminating Research on Null, Inconclusive, and Confirmatory Findings in Cardiovascular Science."

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